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A Fiery Petition to Egún

Egun altar
From this space our family is united in prayer.

We are all united by one fundamental and irresistible force: Egún. We also face a crucial moment where the fate of the most powerful nation in the world is at stake. I come to you, standing on the shoulders of our ancestors asking you to join in a collective prayer for the good of us all.

In less than 48 hours the future of our country will be decided, not for four years, but for generations. Social justice, fairness, freedom, and respect for one another are being destroyed before us. The collective moral compass of the nation is more adrift than ever and so is the dire need to correct this course.

This is a call to all followers of afro-centric religions to unify our prayers under the power of Egún. It is time to take matters into our hands and create a shockwave to wake up those who are numb, apathetic, and undecided. Our country needs us to join together and privately petition our Egún for collective action.

Today, Monday, Nov. 2nd, from 6 pm to 12 am, let's join as a collective irresistible force to remove apathy and motivate people to vote.

Stand in front of your Egún or your spirit shrine and pray as your life depends on it because it does. Pray with your heart and mind like they are on fire.

Ask the Egún and all elevated beings to motivate individuals through their dreams and their subconscious to action. This joint petition will send a shockwave of energy to move people to vote.

Consider simplicity. Our time of action and influence is short. What matters is unity as we petition with a candle and a glass of water to move complacent people to action. Let your passion for a greater good wake up the Egún.

Please share this post with others. Every petition to the realm of good spirits counts. I ask of you one last thing, let’s show our support to one another by posting a note on the blog, on my Facebook page, or on Instagram once you have completed your petition.

Thank you for your spiritual kinship, for doing your part as a righteous individual, and for seeking to live in peace and harmony.


Oní Yemayá Achagbá

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