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Eleguá in a Flash

Dealing with Eleguá is dealing with succinctness. Yes, he can certainly like to make you go around and around in long elaborate ceremonies, but in my personal experience this orisha goes to the point, cuts through the chase and gets stuff moving pronto. So in honor of that speed I am writing brief today, June 13th, a day in which many salute the Orisha of the Roads.

Eleguá is my personal hero, the protector of my home, the one that walks with me and travels wherever I touch foreign soil. Eleguá listens carefully, acts swiftly and forgives my flaws, kicks me in the rear every now and then some, teaches me lessons in unexpected ways, blesses me just as well.

Our relationship is one of comfort but not of routine. It has the familiarity of decades yet remains fresh and flexible like new friends who seek each other to enjoy life and discover things with fresh eyes.

I don’t bother Eleguá with requests I can’t take care of by myself yet he is always aware of my needs. He has given me great proof of his impact in my life. Modupué babá mi Eleguá you placed your hands on the fire to defend my honor when slandered, you protect my home when required, and your love is the foundation of my home.

Omimelli, Oní Yemayá Achagbá

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