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Gravel Root- The Boss Fix and Job Root Extraordinaire

Gravel Root, Madison Co NC

Gravel root is one of the roots used in Hoodoo that doesn’t seem to get much press. Eutrochium Purpureum is the Latin name of the most common variety of this plant. It is variously known as Joe Pye Weed, Queen of the Meadow, Kidney root, and Purple Boneset. Locally in my area in North Carolina we also have the Eutrochium Fistulosum or Hollow Joe Pye that is used as gravel root also.

The herb gets its Gravel Root name for its usage in old time Native American recipes to break up kidney stones and treat urinary tract disease. It has also been reported to be used to treat fevers. The name Joe Pye comes from a Mohican man who took that Christian name and was reputedly an herbal doctor in the 1700’s in Massachusetts.

In Hoodoo the root is used to influence or control situations involving bosses and employment. Carrying Joe Pye in a dressed mojo hand with a High John root and some Boss Fix powder can be used to influence interviews. I have used this method myself quite successfully. Gravel root has an influence on promotions and success in your work also. The powder of the root is a common ingredient in Boss Fix powder along with newsprint and other things. I have also seen it as an ingredient in a Crown of Success powder.

Chewing a piece of this root and spitting where your boss will step is an old-school trick to gain an edge over them. Also baths can be prepared by boiling the root and then adding the pot liquor to a bath for employment purposes. I have also seen it as an ingredient in a Crown of Success powder.

A lesser known usage of Gravel root is in psychic visioning work. I’ve seen it specifically combined with Solomon’s Seal root in both powders and mojo bags for this purpose.

All in all it's a cool root and one that is lesser known than it's more famous cousins. Happy hoodoo'in!

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