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Odús for 2011: A visual guide

Article originally posted on Jan. 3, 2011.

The followers of the Orishas and Ifá all over the world await with both happiness and anxiety the coming of a new year to find out what the ruling oddú will be as well as which orishas will be prominent for the year. Furthermore, a list of advice and ebbós is provided along with the reading done by a group of Babalawos in the various countries around the world, which gather on the 1st of the year for this reading.

In Cuba's case, two groups determine the oddú, one has been established longer, but we neither affirm nor dispute the validity of either. The Mystic Cup reports what is determined in as many countries as the information is provided in an illustrative way. Not all groups have provided details on a flag for the year.

In the United States case, two different groups are determining the oddú for the year. However, we will only report on the group from California as it provides the reading's full scope. In contrast, Miami has established that they feel it is necessary to hide the oddú. We consider that in this matter, full disclosure is essential when living a life of free and clear spirituality, particularly because the oddú has an impact on a community at large.

As more information is provided online, we will create additional tables to present to you. The tables are practical because they are visual reminders of what is going on in countries where the Orishas have many followers.

We aim to offer you an overarching view of the spiritual panorama for 2011. As always, it is in your hands to take the necessary steps to make the best out of the advice provided by the Ifá priests who generously do this reading year after year.

As promised, here are the sources for the full oddús, although we are still missing them. We do not normally post links on this site, but in the spirit of transparency and providing credit to the oluwos who worked on this process, we include the sources' links so anyone can read the full oddús. Not all are in English, but Google has a wonderful tool call Translator.

Our best wishes for 2011


Oní Yemayá Achabá

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