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Pleased to meet you…I hope you guess my name: Omimelli

Wooden statue from Sao Paulo, Brazil
Welcome to The Mystic Cup

Groove to that while you get to know me or to rediscover who I am.

For some of you, this blog may be new, but in fact, it is not. For 10 years I have been writing about life with the Orishas and the Nkisis. I am in the process of re-posting many articles from the original blog I had, those articles were lost while transitioning from one platform to this new one.

Few people appreciate the work of writing for a blog and the cost associated with licenses and its upkeep, I gladly have undertaken those for a decade. This blog is not monetized and this gives me the freedom to say what I want as I deem necessary. Many have benefitted from my work over the years and some have exploited it for their own gain plagiarizing articles and posting them in their own blogs without asking permission, or worse, under their own name. Plagiarism is theft and it has no place among religious people. After all, who would be considered trustworthy and good godparent material if they risk their reputation stealing intellectual property?

The Mystic Cup has no ulterior motives other than fostering a respectful, frank, and direct exchange of ideas. It is not my purpose to recruit godchildren or to sell initiations and thus, my orishas. I consider that having orisha mills is unhealthy and leaves too many lacking proper instructions and worse, enslaved to people who keep a tight leash on godchildren by intimidating them and controlling information.

Over the next few days, I will invite you to truly meet the woman, priestess, mother, and communication professional behind The Mystic Cup. I will take you into a journey to consider the power behind liturgical language, the importance of critical thinking, the virtue of cultivating respectful interactions, and ultimately consider the journey of freedom and love that I see as the best path for those seeking to virtuously live with the Orishas.

Pleased to meet you…I hope you guess my name. I do love the Rolling Stones as well.


Oní Yemayá Achagbá

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Glad your back I love everything you write

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