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Prayers On-line to Pomba Gira, the Orisha and others?

Pomba Gira does not have Internet access!

Love and desperation are not really a good combination. When someone gets a whiff of desperation the immediate reaction is to bolt out the door. Desperation has a most unattractive vibe, one that smells of decay and sadness.

One of the most popular blog post on The Mystic Cup is the one done to Pomba Gira. However, the comments area is often times bombarded by a litany to the Great Witch she is. This is particularly what makes me write today. I take down most of those prayers for a couple of reasons: 1. They are not original

2. They are spam

3. POMBA GIRA does not read the blog!!

Would it not be more effective to simply set an altar to Pomba Gira and do the prayer with fervor in a place that is dedicated to her? I would think so.

To post a prayer on line is a colossal waste of time. Prayers are meant to be alive, to be said, to be elevated, not to be simply posted like an inanimate object. If a prayer is to be effective there are simple ways to utter them, here is how:

1. Prepare a space for your prayer (yes mental and physical space are important), rituals will set a particular frame of mind and time in which to devote our energy to the petition.

2. Cleanse your body, your mind and your spirit before you pray. If you are going to elevate your thoughts, be properly prepared to do so. How can you elevate your being if you come from a place of uncleanliness?

3. Pray as if your life depended on this moment, on these words. If you do not literally inflame yourself from within and fill yourself with purpose and passion, your prayers will not be as effective.

4. Consider your words a fact, your desires a reality and once you finish praying, stop obsessing. Just let go and let the entity you prayed to, Pomba Gira or whichever it may be take care of the matter. It is now out of your hands.

If you want to obtain results, do not follow formula. Follow logic, use your whole being and then let it go. Lust for results is a prayer killer and so is desperation.

Before you post a prayer on line again, do consider “Does the orisha, Pomba Gira, the spirits or whichever entity I am praying to a reader of the site or blog?” If you have not been seeing them posting responses on line, then more than likely the answer is NO.

I write this post seriously, but I am completely tongue-in-cheek about the Orisha and Pomba Gira and other entities not being part of the loyal readers of the blog. Seriously! You would think anyone could figure that one out!

Logic will take you places, mindless behavior will not. Omimelli Oní Yemayá Achagbá

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1 comentário

Papa Pimenta
Papa Pimenta
23 de set. de 2018

I doubt they care at all about prayers on the internet. Better to actually do the work for real rather than be lazy and type a prayer online in my mind.

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