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On Spiritual Hygene and Spiritism

Cascarilla is a basic element on most cleansing baths

Spiritism is a practice is based in the belief that spirits exist as non-physical beings and can indeed communicate with the living in many different ways. In the Caribbean this communication often times takes the form of a Spiritual Mass or a seance type of gathering where mediums pray, offer light and water to the spirits and await for mental or physical mediums to establish contact with beings that no longer have physical form.

This is of course an extremely simplified description of what Spiritism is. It could take pages upon pages to write about its origins, leaders, advocates and practices. But for now it is sufficient to say that Alan Kardec was one of its most famous pillars and that in the New World there are many talented manifestations of spiritism, from Jane Roberts and her Seth channelings, to Edgar Cayce and his healing through trance channeling.

Although both brilliant, neither of these mediums followed the form and practices of what today is seen in the Caribbean where the Spiritual Mass is the doorway to communication with the world of spirits, because they did not use the Spiritual Mass as a doorway to trance, and that is fine by me. However, I do use the settings of a Spiritual mass to do automatic writing and mental mediumship, because since I can recollect, I have been going to spiritual masses and interacting with spiritists. As practitioners, spiritists overall are pretty adherent to their own patterns of preparations prior to trance or to mental mediumship, or whichever is their preferred method of spiritual communication, but nearly all believe in some sort of cleansing and meditation or prayers to enhance their spiritual work.

This is what I call Spiritual Hygene, that need to elevate our thoughts, prepare our bodies and steel our souls in preparation to spirit communication. In the same way that athletes prepare for their sports by practicing, spiritists prepare their bodies for spiritual contact because the body of a medium is not only a doorways to spirits but also the vessels to host them.

Spiritual hygene can be accomplished in many ways, from ritual baths in herbs and perfumes, to profuse use of incense, to long periods of meditation and diet adjustments. I have observed that most accomplished spiritists have set recipes for spiritual baths based on which spirit they are working with. These cleansings most times are accompanied by intense prayer and a period of rest or sleep. When a medium prepares like this for a spiritual mass, energies flow better as the body and spirit of the medium gets rid of unwanted influences and energies and the gathering is more productive. On the other hand, I have observed that attendees to spiritual masses often times do not observe any preparation prior to the event and thus they bring along a host of spiritual ‘dirt’ that makes the mediums have to work harder, particularly those mediums whose sole work is to ‘lift off’ those kinds of malign and nasty energies from attendees.

A word of friendly advice, consider Spiritual Hygene as your friend. It can not only help you to have a more successful experience at a seance but also it can help you set the tone for a more productive relationship with your own spirits.

Here one of my favorite Spiritual Baths:

3 Milks Bath This bath is very good for cooling the body and promoting deep rest.

Ingredients Cow’s milk Goat’s milk, and Coconut milk One cup of ‘cascarilla or efun’ (can be found on-line or at a Botánica) Grated cocoa butter

Shower as usual, then pour from head to toe after praying over the bath using your favorite prayers or simply asking for mental clarity and deep rest. Air dry for as long as you can, then towel dry and go to sleep if possible dressed in white.

If you are interested in sharing some of your own favorite baths, or, would like learn more on the subject, drop us a comment below.

Omimelli, Omí Yemayá Achagbá

Responses to “On Spiritual Hygene and Spiritism” as originally posted on blog.themysticcup

  1. NewComer says:June 27, 2011 at 9:57 pmHello, Question, being covered in milk and then letting it dry on you isnt exactly the best feeling/smell in the world. WHat do you advise?

  2. Omimelli says:July 5, 2011 at 4:11 amHello NewComer, It is not the very freshest of feelings as to our modern standards, but back in the Cleopatra days, it was a luxury. I advise patience, I let it air dry the best I can and go to bed. In the morning I take a shower and that is all there is. Omimelli

  3. Darasia Selby says:July 1, 2011 at 11:59 pmThis is helpful, thank you for sharing. Have you ever tried this using just coconut milk?

    • Omimelli says:July 5, 2011 at 4:12 amHello Darasia, Yes, I have used just one ingredient before. I do not find it quite as effective as when I work in groups of 3. Omimelli

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