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Sign of the Year 2013 Musundi from Cuba

It is not my common practice to re-post articles from other blogs on The Mystic Cup, but this one is of particular interest to me as a Palera. It has the Sign of the Year 2013 from the Palo perspective. You can find the original post on

However, nothing has been altered from the original post and I did request permission before re-posting here.

I hope you enjoy reading it.


Oní Yemayá Achabá


Originally, the Letra or divination reading of the year in Afro-Cuban traditions was an event that occurred within the confines of a spiritual temple, intended specifically for and shared only among the members of each individual house. It was a tradition that developed in Oricha temples and also in some Bantu (Congo religion) temples. Over time several groups evolved among Babalawos to mark a letter for all of Cuba. While some decried and still decry this as a “popularizing trend” which waters down the value of the practice by making it both more generalized and eventually a politicized event, it has achieved significant popularity, letras or readings for the year being made now across the Americas – Several in Cuba, several in the USA, Venezuela, Mexico, and Puerto Rico as well.

Over a number of years, Aldo Durades Román, Tata Tatandy of the Cabildo Musundi, academic, author, and priest has been publishing a Bantú Letter or Divination of the Year, for the followers of the Bantú or Congo faiths of Cuba.

The Cabildo Musundi and Tata Tatandy Aldo Durades Román have announced the Letra del Año or Reading of the Year for the year 2013.

The Reigning Forces of the Year are Ngurunda (Ngurunfinda San Silvestre or San José) and Nguengerengue (Chola Nguengue – La Caridad del Cobre). The reading is as follows:



NGURUNDA: creator of Ngurunfinda (Ossain in Ocha) (AS REIGNING POWER).

NGUENGUERENGUE: (Chola Nguenge -The Virgin of the Caridad del Cobre as identified in Cuba).

Both powers dominate SPIRITUALITY (territory) of Nlá (Ngó), PREMISES OF THE TIGER.

According to the prediction by the unique Musundi Bantú System these powers represent the psyche and the stomach, sensitive parts of our body, and represent the most vulnerable for diseases and negativities in the year, and that we must protect in essential ways.

The letter, their interpretations, and designs.

The Prophecy says: Be careful choosing what you hunt. If you are wrong it can bring calamity instead of benefit. Determine first what will be successful for you.

Considered in the social reality, this alert us to the decisions that we make about ways to obtain money, In the current business and economic crisis, the solutions may not be what you imagine, and the economic realm may not arrive at solutions until the year has ended.

Therefore, in this new year we should be more cautious and thrifty, meticulous in investing money, Do not gamble, either in games of chance or in business. Do not leave matters to chance, and above all, avoid illegality and corruption, because both represent just “prey that we should not hunt.”

Other warnings and predictions:

Minga (menga), ie, blood, not only runs through the veins to sustain life, but also is a transmitter of increasingly virulent disease; beware of being contaminated.

This year you should be very cautious about the people around you, whether family, friends or co-workers, marriage should maintain its privacy as it may be affected by a curse or envy, while you are thinking that all is well, There is a risk of losing business, family or relationship.

The prediction states that this year there will be much negativity and war of muerteras. It is advisable to be protected by spiritual means, seeking the aid of Nfumberos (Muerteros, ie, necromancers) and of Bantú Nganguleros.


This is the year in which the dead will play an important role in the lives of all, whether relating to trances, spiritualists, psychics, Nganguleros, shamans, witches, Voduistas, babalochas, iyalochas (Santeria) or even babalawos.

The wisdom of the dead should govern all actions taken for good, we must seize its divine influence, spirituality which flows from the ancestors and this reflection will lead us to something that will be essential, and give you an edge on resolving issues. You have to appreciate more the gifts with which nature has blessed the human race and not fall for the temptation of ambition and the overestimation of material things.

This year, 2013 is a time of visions, even the neophytes or unbelievers will dream with the dead, have visions, but be secure in your religion, There’s no need to fear them. F they are dark entities, you can neutralize them, If light, attend the message or warning they send.

Initiates of any Afro-Cuban religion know they must follow their elders advice, and be knowledge of the sources of different beliefs, for and this is very important, wherever they come from, the dead who govern our destiny and advise about the mysteries of existence, act from another dimension and because of that, we must be careful to properly interpret information they seek to convey. Although people perceive these dreams as nightmares do not be upset by them, as it is the Nfumbe’s (ancestors) messages that are being provided you.

Venerating the spirits is the means of being at peace with them, either through offerings, Masses, Parties, etc.

Being a Letter of complex interpretation (since much depends on the reality of each individual), we recommend being very careful in deciding what action to take.

Generally, we must guard against disaster, especially inundation provoked by Nzarungamba (Baluande or Madre Agua – The Virgin of Regla) and for the mysteries of the deep, (Respect the sea).

This year, people must guard against silent diseases, those which are degenerative and chronic or triggered by stress, as well as for problems with their sexual performance. You should perform Nzala Nkombo (spiritual work on your body), to ward off the negativity of his life.

It is something that comes from the beginning of your life.

First you must prepare a root tea treatment to clean your blood.

Then perform a working utilizing nine Langos (waters of different origins) And this must be done at the foot of a cane (bamboo), plant belonging to NYENDY (Kobayende or San Lazaro). Pour into your head and while asking what you desire.

Then you must beg NTUTUNDIANGO (Mama Kengue or The Virgin of Mercy) and make a ceremony on your Ntu (head) to work well and reason clearly, to help direct your life.

The Bantu religion practices will protect you from evil or negativity in your environment.

1. Meet with your family: collect unclean or sweaty clothing from each member, purify them with dark drinks,dry wine (cooking wine) and tobacco smoke. Pass these over their bodies from head to foot, then tear those items into pieces, place them in a (plastic) bag to which will be added dark drinks, dry wine, a bit of tobacco, honey and nine coins. Take this “package” to the wilds (el monte) and on leaving it, ask for health, prosperity, and stability for you and your family. (In other words, perform what is commonly called a rompemiento).

2. To fight obstacles and negativity: Find a birdcage and place in it three to nine of these birds. They should not be in even numbers, but three, five, seven, nine. Take good care of them, and every time you have a problem, free one, Before releasing the bird, talk to it giving it the message you want it to take to Nzambi (God). This will create a positive effect. (NOTE: If desired, you can retrieve the bird you release.)

3. Go into the woods to seek a stick of Ceiba, Pine, Guayacan, Siguaraya or Yaya, The stick must be equal to your height.” Purfiy with dark drink, dry wine, Cane molasses, Honey and tobacco smoke, invoking the energy of NGURUNDA (Ngurunfinda), to stop negativity.

MUST purify every nine days with the same materials that were used at first.

The Empire of the Tiger.

The tiger is the symbol of power for this year and to be used in full force for its magical benefit. Utilize pictures of tigers in, charms, bandanas, wristbands or decorative figures and amulets.

C) NZILA Y NDYDY. BASIC ELEMENTS OF THE SYSTEM. They create a bridge, a transition between the ruling powers, Establishing a summary of the prediction which may be favorable or unfavorable.

ZERZERDAMBA (Susundamba) governs this year, Nfumbe, Nkanda (The Owl, the Spirit, and the Book)), Y Ndydy Nkayi (Green life of the River):

They give a positive outlook to the letter, akin to a counterpoint against evil, so that the negative aspects of the prophecy may always be accompanied by a solution Especially when people rely on the power of TUNGUÁ, Regent power of this bridge.

This power represents the science of mysteries of the world and the animal regent is the Puma.

TUNGUÁ says do not be afraid because this bridge will lead to happiness, love, harmony, stability, and therefore the abundance of good fortune.


Do all correctly and triumph, do not wish ill of others or curse them. Be patient when met with the contradiction of life, meditate and do not get carried away by fortune.

Build Or find a small wooden or other material in the form of a castle, Find a small doll to place inside. Place this in your yard surrounded by a small fence. Place several dolls in what would be the patio of the house, (inside the fence, representing the king, the castle and the people). Burn a black candle for nine consecutive days and invoke the TUNGUÁ (Pangúa) , You will see results.


How long and profound will the Economic crisis be?

Financial forecasts are daunting but present to humanity an image of the inequalities that exist in our world and the unfair distribution of wealth. We know that the poor will become poorer, that the hardship will increase as never before. And we know as true believers from the depths of our belief and the heart that generosity can make a difference in an unequal relationship. The family is a bastion, godchildren, friends and the stranger who asks us for help must form an indelible part of who we are: Human Beings.

Witnesses and collaborators for the letter of 2013.

1) Lic. Rafael Rodrigo Ruiz Contreras, priest of the divination system Musundi Bantú. Tata Nkisi Malongo Ndí Bilongo Nzí. 2) Ana Laura Contreras González. Yayandy de los Musundis Bantú for Mexico. 3) Raúl Felipe Horta Juárez. Tata Nkisi Malongo Ndí Bilongo Nzí. Bakoyula. 4) Francisco Días Olivera (Panchito) Tata Nkisi Malongo Ndí Bilongo Nzí. Mbumba Ndoky Dian Doky. 5) Francisco León Mozo (Frank Nlá) Priest of the Ntokués Mbuomas (Divination system for the Musundi Bantú) Tata Nkisi Malongo Ndí Bilongo Nzí. Bakoyula. 6) Raúl Alejandro Horta Sandoval (Witness) 7) Beatriz Sandoval Ramírez (Witness) 8) Cristial Alberto Horta Sandoval (Witness) 9) Diego Varela de León. Tata Nkisi Malongo. 10) David Alejandro de la Cruz Gutierrez. Tata Nkisi Malongo Ndí Bilongo Nzí. 11) Inv. Aldo Durandes Román. First priest of the divination sysmte of the Bantú Ntooukué Mbuhooma in the world. Tatandy (king) of the Musundis. President of the Bantú religious insitution of Cuba.

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