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Top 5 Reasons why I Love Palo Monte

I like a neat place to work Palo.

These are but 5 reasons, in no particular order. Everyone has their own top 5 and mine change from time to time.

1. It is ok to work at odd hours of the night. I am a night owl and enjoy the sounds of the dark, the smells of the shadows and the songs of the evening creatures.

2. I don’t have to wear my best whites; after all when I am done they will be pristine no longer.

3. It is ok to improvise some speech. Once I am done with formulas I can sing if I don’t feel like talking, I can use all sort of sounds if I don’t feel like using words my Nganga understands my raw energy.

4. My brotherhood is not fasenda; my Nso keeps regla. I am affirmed in traditions.

5. It is my connection to the universe. No words can ever explain that.

To all Tatas and Yayas out there, what are your top 5 reasons to love and honor our tradition?

Yaya 7 Ngonda

3 Responses to Top 5 Reasons why I Love Palo Monte

  1. Tata Nkisi Lucero Vira Mundo says:September 21, 2010 at 2:34 amMy top 5? 1.I have brothers who will never betray or back down in the defense and support of each other. I can call my peeps anytime day or night with anything and know that somebody has my back. 2. Palo is something i feel in my gut. Every time i step before my Nganga i can feel my pulse quicken and my senses wake up. Palo is visceral and tactile. 3. Nothing has to be pristine and spotless. I am messy. Palo is messy. We get along just fine. 4. It helps me to understand just how much a part of the natural world I am. It helps me to understand just how much the natural world is part of me. 5. I like the way a Munanso with a happy Prenda smells.Reply

  2. Omimelli says:September 21, 2010 at 4:21 amNsala Malekun, I love #5!! Yaya 7 NkeleReply

  3. Ginea Jacmel says:November 6, 2010 at 6:42 pm 1. No Gay’s allowed (at least if the munanso is following regla) so therefore no unnecessary drama that need to be dealt with. 2. I enjoy the fact since I came in palo that my spirit’s have been growing and continue to grow. The communication I recieve from the spirit’s continue to surprise each day. 3. Which should really be number one, every true palero and palera have never been a sucker, when there is war they are ready to take it on. 4. I enjoy the growing relationship with my nganga, and how it show me thing’s and listen to the nfumbe talk in my ear. 5. I love the smell of chamba.

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