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100% Guaranteed: Beware of Binding and Scammers

This one promises bindings between same sex and strangers
Passionate Bindings

Last week I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Atlanta. I had placed my order and decided to peruse the local Hispanic newspaper while my lunch arrived. The headlines were dominated by Trump, what else is new? I continued to flip the pages absentmindedly until a double page in the classifieds got my attention. The half-page ad of a local botánica assaulted my eyes with promises of ‘love bindings’ no matter gender or age. Come again? No matter age? Works to sweeten people? Whether they are a couple or do not know each other. Seriously?

I kept reading ad after ad, all of them promising guaranteed results, from distance healing of all sort of illnesses and conditions, to the cure for premature ejaculation. The list of over promises was simply absurd.

A rush of anger filled me. Suddenly the thought of lunch was no longer appealing. As I read the advertisements from these so-called “Spiritual Healers, Gypsies and Parapsychologists’ offering ‘guaranteed bindings,’ I got 50 shades of angry. Scammers make my blood boil.

Claims to be 100% effective.
Express Bindings, in only 7 hours. Price tag, $120.

Why do I care if others get conned? Most logical people would say, they had it coming. The lack of respect for the free will of another human being begs for punishment. Right? Wrong. Desperate people are afraid. These are the times when true healers seek to understand the source of the fear and help the individual. A person in need is not a meal ticket, it is an opportunity to do what is right for a fellow human being.

This is why I care. I fancy myself a super hero in disguise. As an olosha, I want to help people in need. I think that having a balanced and happy life, guided by love that blooms in freedom, is a fundamental right of each individual. I also care because as any super hero, bad guys need to be exposed.

Avoid being scammed: Bindings do not work. They are not ethical. Bindings can plainly be detrimental and downright dangerous. The people who advertise and tout talents with hyperbole like “Witch among Witches,” and that claim to offer 100% guaranteed workings are simply shysters. The only thing in life that is 100% guaranteed is death, and maybe, taxes.

These one fancies him/herself as the Baskin-Robbins of bindings.
37 Kinds of Bindings

So please, when you read non-sense like the ad from a spiritual healer promising to deliver up to 37 different bindings, run the other way. This so-called expert sounds to me like the Baskin-Robbins of spiritual healers.

I have zero tolerance for scam artists seeking to exploit people who are suffering, but I have contempt for those who disregard the fundamental right of a human being to freedom, in particular, when it deals with matters of the heart.

Would you approve of a spiritual worker to do a binding to ensnare a minor to have sex with an adult? That is implicitly what the ad promotes. Would you approve of a person casting a spell to attract a straight man or woman to a person of the same sex unbeknownst to either party? This is one of the promise made in several of these ads.

Bindings no matter the age or gender. Simply amoral.

Let’s be clear, I have no issues with the LGBT community. Each human being is one of Olofi’s beautiful creations. I have an issue with those exerting spiritual influence over any individual to alter the course of their life and sexual preferences, and that, goes both ways. I have yet to meet an LGBT person would approve of someone trying to change their nature. It is wrong to try to twist any human being into being what they are not.

To those seeking love, seeking to dominate and humiliate, beware! Life has a way of teaching very tough lessons when free-will is violated.

More to come on the subject. I have stories of failed bindings to share.

Until then, signing off:

Omimelli, Dark Brujo Cruzader

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