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Hoodoo at Work: Mojo for a Rising Star

Ronnie Kantorik, thumbs up to mojo bag

Sometimes life brings to us the most unexpected and delightful challenges. This time I got one of those knocking at my door thanks to where Ronnie Kantorik found me while doing a search on line on Afro-Caribbean spirituality. I do meet a lot of people through the blog, but something about his emails got my attention. There was an inherent sensibility and honest curiosity about Hoodoo, Santeria and Spiritism that I found quite refreshing and endearing, particularly coming from someone with very little background on any other of my chosen spiritual and magical paths.

So it is that Ronnie and I started to exchange emails and soon he shared that he was starting his career in acting. Acting is a difficult and demanding professional path, one that I do not profess to fully understand but that I am somewhat familiar from my times as news anchor. Well, TV and Hollywood are not the same thing, but they are at least good cousins. In any case, Ronnie had come to an opportunity recently that landed him some very good recommendations due to his earnest work on set as a stand-in actor for the movie Lawless (just about to be released this month). Professionalism, punctuality and an intense hunger to learn and better himself as a professional fuels this gentleman of strong vivacious character, bright hazel eyes and mischievous sweet grin.

I am not sure if you are aware that Georgia is becoming the darling of Hollywood as many movies and television series are being shot here, partly because of the huge incentives being offered to studios and producers such as huge tax breaks and availability of talented actors and ready to shoot crews. One of them, a favorite of mine, is AMC’s series The Walking Dead. Other recent movies that come to mind and were shot in Georgia are What to Expect when you are Expecting, Joyful Noise, and Flight starring Denzel Washington (to be released in November). In any case, Ronnie shared with me a bit of good news; he was going to a casting call for a film to be shot literally in his own hometown, Rome, GA. Excitement, passion and conviction were on his side. However, I suggested an additional step in preparing for this audition: Building a Mojo Bag.

It had been about 8 months since I put together a bag for someone other than me. I am selective about who I work for, because I am also driven by passion, conviction and a strong desire to help people succeed and not everyone is appreciative of those motives. Certainly, I have met my share of people who take, take, take and are very slow to be thankful of the blessings that come their way. Ingratitude is the highest form of rudeness for me. Be that as it may, I set up to the task of building the perfect beast for Ronnie.

Once I was done with research, my first step into determining what goes into building a Mojo Bag, I started to work with Madam G. my main spirit guide who loves to stick her hand in this sort of working. Well, stick her hand is an understatement in this case, as she literally took over my hands while I worked. Not only was I guided to prepare the bag, but also a special blend of Hoodoo oil to keep the bag fed for a long time.

So, I delivered the goods to a very appreciative friend who had it around his neck faster than lighting. He received on a Saturday; he said to me that he could feel the energy coming out of it and it agreed with him. “The power I felt was absolute. Never once did I doubt. Never once did I consider to doubt; I knew from the moment I put the bag on success was mine,” said Ronnie. By Monday I got a text message saying “I got the lead role.” I nearly fainted from happiness. I knew the moment that Mojo was assembled that success was within his grasp. I sensed this wave of energy propelling the working itself and getting ready to push him forward. His natural talent, charisma and drive were aces under Ronnie’s sleeve.

However, that little Mojo hanging under his shirt from a piece of leather was there to bring further prosperity and open opportunities. Interestingly enough, Madam G. was taken enough with this case as to instruct me to hang the bag from a piece of leather I use to tie the bag where her divination tools I keep. For over a year, I had been pondering for a while what to do with such long strap but had been reluctant to cut it without her approval.

I guess everything has its time and place. This was the time and place for Ronnie, Madam G. and I to cross paths. The Madam has become an ally in the spiritual world, which is a relationship I don’t interfere with, even if she is my main guide. On a personal level, I am so thrilled for Ronnie and wish him the very best in every single casting call he faces from now on and in every project he undertakes.

What else can I say? I had people that went out of their way to help me out when I started my career on Radio and TV. I believe that it is crucial to pay forward and lend a hand when a person is appreciative, respectful and receptive. Now Ronnie, one of these days, it will be your turn to open a door for someone else as I know you will. I wish you the best my friend. Break a leg.

Omimelli Oní Yemayá Achagbá

P.S. Here is Ronnie’s IMDb Link in case you are curious about his filmography

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  1. Logan says:August 9, 2012 at 6:07 pmKindness and generousity of spirit. Well done Omimelli :}

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