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Start the Year Refreshed: Baths for Cleansing, Love and Peace

Days of Wine and Roses Bath

2021 is upon us, and we are so much hoping that we can leave behind the funky gunk of 2020. It has been a nasty horrid year, but we have it in our power to start refreshed.

There are many ways to start anew, and here is how I like to receive the New Year: Clean, at peace, and surrounded by love.

Please know that you have the power to change your life through simple actions and that you can do this yourself. Your hands have power. Believe me. I know they do.

I am going to share with you three-bath recipes that I have tested and work like a charm. They are for cleansing, bringing sweetness and love to your life and, if peace is what you need, try the other bath outlined below.

Remember to pray as you prepare the bath and stay focused on your intention, be it cleansing, love, or obtain some peace.

Days of Wine and Roses Bath

If romance is what you are needing, here is just the thing to start a good spark. Now, bear in mind that the best way to find love is to love thyself. A bath like this gives you ample reason to pamper yourself and to give love to the person who deserves it the most: You.

I like to use red wine; however, rum can be an excellent substitute. I like to set this bath on my bóveda overnight or at least for a couple of hours, but you can prepare it and use it right away. It is more effective to set a candle and pray on it and let it be for a few hours before using it.

The process of making a bath is simple. Place all ingredients in a bowl, pour some of the water, and macerate the rose and leaves with your hands until they are pulp. Set the bath on your bóveda, or if you do not have one set up, place a candle and glass of water by the bath atop a table. Call upon your protector spirits to bless your endeavor and ask for love and happiness to come to your life.


Two sprigs of fresh mint or spearmint

Eight to 10 large sweet Basil leaves (Queen of Siam is also perfect)

One stem of Basil flowers

One large red rose

Eight to 10 Sage leaves (I had regular Sage and also Pineapple Sage, so I used both)

Two large sprigs of Tarragon

½ cup of Bledo Blanco or white Crape Myrtle flowers

Cinnamon powder (if possible, grate your own)

¼ cup Red Wine

One teaspoon honey

Remember to strain this bath and to wrap the solids in a piece of brown paper. I like to use them to cleanse myself by passing them over my body and discarding them in the trash before showering. Once you are done with the shower, wash your face with this bath and the back of your neck and pour it from the neck down. Air dry as long as you can and then pat dry.

Shiny Penny Cleansing Bath

This bath makes you feel like a shiny new penny once you take it. Yes, it is very simple, but it is quite efficient in its simplicity. The difference between this bath and the other ones that I am recommending is that this one requires soaking in your tub, while the other ones are poured over you.

You will find variations of this bath recommended by Spiritists and Hoodooists alike. I have seen it done with both ½ of alum as well as 1 teaspoon of ammonia. However, I prefer to use alum powder as it is an ingredient geared for protection. Ammonia, in general, is a powerful cleanser and some old fashion folks like to substitute it with an equal portion of their own urine. However, I don’t quite fancy taking a soak on pee, not for New Year’s Eve.


A full tub of warm water (make it as hot as is comfortable to you)

½ a teaspoon bluing or a small ball of bluing

2 tablespoons white sugar

½ teaspoon of alum powder

5 tea light candles (white or blue, your pick)

Omimelli’s Little Helper: Make yourself a delicious libation. In my case, I made a cup of warm chocolate milk to sip while I soaked in the tub.

Sit on the water tub and relax and enjoy time to think, have a nice warm or cold drink and pray for protection, and to have negative thoughts stripped away from you. Time is a wonderful thing to have, and use wisely and meditate on those negative things that need to be left behind or set aside to leave a better and more peaceful existence.

Cleopatra’s Milk Bath

Cleopatra, the last Egyptian pharaoh, used to bathe in Donkey’s milk to keep her skin soft and beautiful. However, donkey’s milk is not run off a mill item at most Walmart’s. Seriously, it is pretty hard to get, so in my book, this bath received a makeover. As you will see, Cleopatra is not really the central figure here because she was not a particularly pacific historical figure. However, she is a fascinating one, and I could not resist donkey milk storytelling for baths. The bath described below is mostly for peace, but it also does wonders for your skin. The elements are associated with Obatalá, King of the White Cloth and ruler over all-white things in the body, including the brain and bones. Obatalá blesses us with knowledge, patience and intelligence. Hopefully, if you have some or all of those, you will also have peace of mind.


2 cups of warm whole milk

2 cups of coconut milk

2 cups of goat milk (if you can find donkey milk all the better)

1 cascarilla grated

2 tablespoons of cocoa butter grated

Combine all ingredients on a large bowl and wash your face, the back of your neck and pour the rest over your body once you have showered as usual. Let this bath dry over your skin as long as you can and then towel dry.

I like to pray to Obatalá before pouring it on me, and I do like to dress in white after I take it and go to sleep if possible. You can offer a glass of water and a candle to the orisha as a thank you for his protection.

I sincerely hope that the New Year blesses you with love, joy, stability, health and that time is always kind to you and those you love.


Oní Yemayá Achagbá

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