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The Ethics of creating Discord: Just because you can, does it mean you should?

Hoodoo working to create discord
Simple ingredients for maximum discord.

Warning, I am feeling pretty mischievous today.

However, those who know me are well aware that overall, I am a pretty level-headed person. I take pride in trying to walk a pretty straight line when it comes to doing attitude correction trabajos or workings. I try to use momentum to aid my trabajos, to research carefully the ingredients, and to outline a clean and organized path of action before I put the work in motion. The preparation steps include seeking a balance between the negative and positive impacts that my actions will unravel. In general, I try to do the least negative workings possible and to use the spiritual grace I have been given for good.

However, sometimes there are folks that cross me not once or twice but repeatedly. In those cases, which are far and few in between, I have no issues setting the balance back to zero…just because I can.

In the spirit of keeping your skills honed, here is a little something from the arsenal of simple and nasty little workings that I am willing to share, for the greater good of course.

My sense of ethic dictates that I will only seek to balance matters when all other avenues are exhausted and trust me, there are lots of ways to right wrongs with minimal effort. Of course, that is me. Some are quicker to the trigger. I hope you have a cool head to carefully evaluate if you really need to use this little trick…or not. It is all in your hands.

To create Discordia


Saltpeter, Peony seeds, Sea Salt, Gunpowder, Cayenne Pepper, Sulphur.


This is a rather simple working to do. All you need is to place all ingredients together in a mortar and pestle and grind them to a fine powder. As you add each of the ingredients, visualize discord emerging like a fog and filling out space where you will lay this powder on. If it is a house, then imagine the area filled with disgust, discomfort and in general, visualize a lack of peace and a strong desire to argue.

If you intend to use this say in an office environment, visualize people grumpy, short-tempered, and unfriendly finding reasons to argue for just any little thing.

Please do be careful NOT to drop any of this powder in your own home. If you are going to use it in your place of work, know that you will not be exempt from its impact, thus, use your logic. Do you really want to lay this trick on your own place of work? I think not.

Good luck on creating havoc. Remember, just because you can, it does not always mean you should, but I leave to each of you the ethics of creating discord.

Omimelli Oní Yemayá Achagbá

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