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Woman's Fate: Trapped between Traditions and Modern Life?

Hidden beauty behind the hijab

Here is a story which has influenced my life and imagination. It is about Saudi Arabian woman and their fate.

Life is full of surprises. After meeting on line two new friends, we finally meet in person. Two Saudi Arabian sisters which I will never forget. I have in my memory the first impression of our meeting, the privilege of seeing their faces for the first time, free of a "Hijab." Faces full of life, eyes which glittering with happiness and enthusiasm as we said hello. Suddenly, a stranger, a person they had been learning about from thousands of miles away was there, a simple human seeking to learn more about their culture, their life, their world.

Amidst the experience of sharing with them, there was inside of me a deep sense of sadness. I contemplated long and hard what must be life for them behind the veil, back in Saudi Arabia.

There is nothing more amazing than to see a beautiful woman smiling all day long and speaking honestly to a man from a different religion. No fear in her eyes as she speaks her mind. A simple conversation can be a jewel in time. We take for granted the freedom and joy of expressing ideas. Of sharing simple things in life with each other.

Walking down beautiful streets at night, side by side, listening to their soft voices I was entranced. I wanted to learn more and more about their life, their dreams and goals. Every second shared was a gift.

We live in a modern world, yet, women's rights are still a distant reality in some countries. Restrictions shackle dreams and make the brightest stars dim behind dark veils. These sisters might as well be slaves to their own culture. I do hope that the World continues to change and that in the future no woman feels inhibited to express their ideas, to accomplish their vision and to be everything they were meant to be. No restrictions.

The day is close. Soon they will have to return to Saudi Arabia. I am starting to notice how their mood is changing. Sadness has started to reach set upon them. Their eyes are now filled with longing, but still with me, in the here and now, their gaze stretch over the horizon...deep in thought, perhaps thinking about something good still to be enjoyed in this land, from their own country so far away.

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